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My 5 Favorite Bar Stools

I love furniture but specifically I love stools…I change mine out more often than I care to admit because they are a statement of your kitchen. Here are my go to all time favorites and a few new fun ones mixed in! They are all super functional, great quality, and a good value.

Industrial Barstool

This stool has a classic farmhouse style with a swivel seat so it’s perfect for families with little ones needing to adjust the height of the seat but it’s also a beautiful stool.

The Frank

Remy Backless Stool

This is a classic. It comes in 6 different finishes and you can get it with a back if that is your preference. It is a great price and you can’t go wrong with this one!

Remy Backless Stool


Vintage Toledo Bar Stool

If you are looking to add a touch of brass to your home but don’t want to switch out all your metals – adding in brass is an easy way to update your home and this bar stool is just dreamy.

Paris Bistro Bar Stool

I love everything about this one…it is a classic design and adds a pop of color to any kitchen.

The Schoolhouse Bar Stool

This is a modern twist on the classic school house chair. With it’s sleek lines and curves the Schoolhouse stool is a great option if you are looking to modernize your space.